Applying to the GCC Uniquely Abled Academy (Fall 2017)

  This page will give you the information you need to apply to the Glendale Community College Uniquely Abled Academy for Fall 2017.  Please apply as early as you can to have adequate time to apply for eligibility by agencies offering external support services.

Application Process and Links:

  1. (Optional and strongly recommended) Candidate contacts Aide Herrera, GCC UAA Coordinator, Phone: (310) 924-4375 and  Apply as early as you can to have adequate time to apply for eligibility by other agencies offering external support services.  Aide will guide you through the application process, directing you to the appropriate agencies for financial and other support services.  Some of the possible steps are (Optional) below.  Those steps without (Optional) are required.
  2. Candidate visits GCC, either at the an Open House (to be scheduled) or a separate visit to the GCC CNC lab, to get a sense of the CNC machines, their environment, and interaction with them. Prospective students are encouraged to view the YouTube video about the program.
  3. If not already a GCC student, candidate completes online application for GCC.
  4. (Optional) Candidate applies for Financial Aid (FAFSA form).
  5. (Optional) Candidate completes application for California Department of Rehabilitation.   Interview appointments may be scheduled at the UAA Open House.
  6. Candidate fills out and submits Uniquely-Abled-Application  There is no application fee. The completed Application may be e-mailed to or snail-mailed to:
    Aide Herrera
    Glendale CC Uniquely Abled Academy Coordinator
    4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 804
    Valley Village, CA 91607
  7. (Optional) Candidate makes appointment to meet with DSPS Counselor (Contact the GCC Center for Students with Disabilities at (818)240-1000 ext. 5905)
  • Apply for DSPS services
  • Provide Verification of Disability
  • Create Student Ed Plan
  • Determine the accommodations needed for Assessment tests.
  1. Candidate takes GCC Assessment Test(s) – English & Math placement test
  2. Candidate attends interview (to be scheduled).
  3. Selection decisions made.
  4. Accepted candidates enroll in UA Academy program.
  5. Classes start for accepted students on August 28, 2017.  The last day of classes is December 13, 2017.

The following is the UA Academy schedule of classes for Fall 2017:

  • MACH 107 32 HOURS 2.0 UNITS  MACHINE PRACTICE 1 Ticket #3764
  • CAM 230  48 HOURS  3.0 UNITS  MASTERCAM PROGRAMMING Ticket #3763
  • ENGR 102  48 HOURS  2.0 UNITS BLUE PRINT READING Ticket #3766
  • Student Development 128 1.0 UNIT Ticket #3786

Schedule: These classes will be taught over a 16 week period beginning August 28, 2017; and ending on December 13, 2017.  Classes are 8:00 am-3:15 pm, Monday-Thursday. The last three weeks are a workplace experience.

Job Placement and Job Coaching: The UA Academy includes support for job placement and job coaching following successful course completion.

Note: the following costs may change.

Maximum Total Individual Cost = $759.50 *Total cost MAY vary and is dependent upon each candidate’s eligibility for Financial Aid and/or other programs (e.g.: Department of Rehabilitation , WTW and WIOA)

Cost Breakdown:

  • $552.00 = 14 units @ $46
  • $18.00 = Health Services Fee (Fall)
  • $12.50 = Student Services Fee
  • $10.00 = Picture ID Card Fee
  • $75.00 = Parking (Fall)

Glendale Community College

1500 N Verdugo Road
Glendale CA 91208

Phone: 818-240-1000