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New vocational programs for a new way of thinking

The Uniquely Abled Project has two programs:

The UA Academy Program: Learn how to be a CNC machine operator.  Training and post-hire support for jobs that require prior training.

The UA Jobs Program: placement and post-hire support for jobs that do not require prior training.

The UA Academy Program section

Specialized training and placement in the manufacturing industry

The Uniquely Abled Academy is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between machine technology educators, specialists in education for those with autism, representatives from state and local social service agencies, and non-profit and for-profit organizations. This exceptional combination is dedicated to properly train, place in the workforce and provide on-going support for employers and qualified students seeking skill-specific well-paying jobs within the manufacturing industry.

A great case in point – CNC machine operators

It’s been observed that jobs requiring individuals with a high degree of focused attention to detailed repetitive processes, and following clear objective instructions are well suited for a person with high functioning autism. Indeed, these characteristics are a perfect match for the duties of a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine operator, of which there is a huge shortage in the manufacturing industry today. The Uniquely Abled Academy is designed to fill this gap with a new source of talent.

In 13-16 weeks a UA Academy teaches young adults with high functioning autism to be entry-level CNC machinists and provides job placement and post-hire support. Future UA Academies will address different combinations of diagnoses and required job skills.

Job placement that matches unique abilities with the right job

The Uniquely Abled Jobs program matches men and women to jobs that do not require specialized training, but are a perfect fit for their unique skillset.  Typically these are repetitive tasks, tasks with objective process instructions, tasks where they typically work alone.