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Find an exceptional fit for your job vacancies

Do not hire uniquely abled individuals as an act of charity or to be a good community citizen.  Hire them because they will perform your jobs to an extraordinary level.  Probably better than you have ever seen.

Typically, employers report a general improvement in both productivity and morale of the entire facility that hires uniquely abled workers. As reported in Employing People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities by the Institute for Corporate Productivity, “The largest drug retailing chain in the U.S., Walgreens has found that employing individuals with IDD has contributed to higher productivity in its distribution centers, lower absenteeism, higher retention rates, and increased customer loyalty, among other benefits.”

In addition there are numerous financial, non-financial, and legal benefits for employers who hire the uniquely abled.

There are two Uniquely Abled programs:

The Uniquely Abled Academy program matches men and women to jobs that require specialized training.  The existing UAAs train and provide job search and post-hire support to those with high functioning autism to be CNC machinists.

The Uniquely Abled Jobs program matches men and women to jobs that do not require specialized training, but are a perfect fit for their unique skillset.  Typically these are repetitive tasks, tasks with objective process instructions, tasks where they typically work alone.

Find an exceptional fit for your CNC operator vacancies

The current UA Academies are focused on training uniquely abled individuals to be CNC machinists and operators.  Because the typical skills of someone with high functioning autism so well match the required skills of a CNC operator, UA Academy graduates quickly become some of the best.

Existing UA Academies are in Glendale, CA and Santa Clarita, CA.   If you are located near either of these two areas and are interested in hiring a great CNC operator, please fill out the form below.  A Job Developer from the associated UA Academy will contact you.

Plans are to establish additional UA Academies south of Los Angeles and elsewhere in the country.  If you are interested in being informed when a UA CNC Academy comes to your area, please fill out the form below.

Find an exceptional fit for your repetitive job vacancies

Many employers who hired UAJ employees were surprised by:

  • There is a population which loves the simple, repetitive, jobs.  They had been assigning people who hated such jobs.
  • There are many more such jobs in their organization than they thought.  One company originally hired 3 uniquely abled individuals, and in a few years has now hired 14.
  • The significant resulting positive impact on the environment, morale, and productivity of the workforce.

If you are interested in exploring hiring uniquely abled individuals for your repetitive jobs, please fill out the form below and we will put you in touch with a local agency which will help you find the right people for your need.